Dr Yasmeen Lahdan

BSc MSc CPsychol BPS (Acc)
HCPC Reg Counselling Psychologist
Professional Membership
  • Health Professions Council (HPC) Registered Practitioner Psychologist.You can check my details at the following website: www.hpcheck.org.
  • Chartered Psychologist The British Psychological Society
  • Full member of the Division of Counselling Psychology

I have always been passionate and curious about human nature. 

I regard each person as an individual who will experience problems in different ways and I believe therapy should reflect this.  I believe therapy should go at your own pace.

I understand that everyone is individual & so will experience their problems in different ways. I will therefore focus upon getting to know you so that I can adapt my therapeutic approach to your unique needs.

I believe therapy means not only providing an experience for you of being literally heard but deeply understood.

 My academic background in psychology, along with the diverse training that I’ve undertaken in the field, have allowed me to develop a deep emotional understanding & a range of therapeutic skills I will draw upon these skills in our work together, to help you to understand, address & overcome any issues that you are facing. 

My own experience of therapy as mandated through professional training means I know what its like to sit in the clients chair. I will therefor create a calm and confidential space for you, where together we can explore whatever is on your mind. Here with me, you can unearth what is troubling you in a safe & comfortable space without fear of judgment

I believe we are all born with an innate potential to grow and develop ourselves.  My role is to facilitate your journey towards better emotional health; to help you find your inner balance.

My role in providing a facilitating environment in which you are free to grow

whilst upholding a compassionate and empathetic stance, provides a safe place in which you feel supported.

I work within strict ethical codes, incorporating research evidence into practice, whilst emphasising the importance of a supportive and strong therapeutic relationship.

I look forward to meeting you.

I have a breadth of clinical experience working within the NHS and the private sector. This includes working within an occupational health service in the NHS, a drug and alcohol service, a black and minority ethnic service and as a senior therapist in the primary care sector.

 I currently work as a counselling psychologist in a weight management service within the NHS and part-time within a local eating disorders organisation and student counselling within Newcastle University. In my private practice I have worked effectively with people who were facing a wide range of emotional issues.






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  • Doctorate in Counselling Psychology
  • MSc Nutrition and Psychological Sciences
  • BSc (hons) Psychology
  • NCFE​ ​Certificate​ ​in​ ​Counselling​ ​Skills,  Level​ ​1,​ ​2​ ​and​ ​3